Your next app needs 3 things

  1. Damn Good Engineering
  2. Dead Sexy Interface
  3. An Idea Whose Time has Come

First Things First

Recent App Projects

Project: City Twig

Budget: $14,387

Project Type: Dedicated Team

Tenure: 7 Months

CityTwig is a mobile-based search engine app, with over 20 million local businesses. It uses your location to provide lists of specific types of businesses you need. The app displays a map, a list of the services and contact details of a business including social media pages and websites.

Project: Yogalean

Budget: $2,314

Project Type: Fixed Fee Contract

Tenure: 3 Weeks

The yogalean app is a companion that helps guide your daily practice and teaches you new positions in yoga. It is designed for iOS and uses Objective-C and Xcode to run.

Project: Burning Up

Budget: $10,435

Project Type: Dedicated Team

Tenure: 4 Months

BurninUp' is a digital manifestation of the classic Slot Machine, supporting both platforms; Android & iOS. The player has the options to spin the reels, stop them individually while they spin or stop all reels at once by tapping the stop button.

Project: Mr. Bin

Budget: $2,160

Project Type: Fixed Fee Contract

Tenure: 3 Weeks

The Mr. Bin app was developed using Xcode 6.3, XCTest Scripts, Swift, Auto Layout, GIT, Local Notifications and Crashlytics. It alerts users about trash pickup time in their area. The Application gathers the latest date and time of the next pickup and schedules alarms accordingly.

Pricing Information

Dedicated Team

$2200 - 2800 per month
$14 - 18 per hour*

Fixed Fee Contract

$22 per hour

Graphic Design

$20 per hour
*rates for a 40 hour work week

Development Services

Can You Turn My Idea Into An App?

A truly good App is distinguished by the quality of code coupled with the right technology, be it RESTful APIs, Socket Programming, Bluetooth or NFC. Engineering your app so that it is fully optimized, well-designed and easy to use is the key. Besides excelling in the development of iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Mobile/Tablet) we also develop apps for Apple TV, Apple Watch and Android TV Box.

Can You Fix My User Interface?

The optimal interface is about striking the right balance aesthetically and ensuring that your UI reflects the true nature of your business; be it through color scheme or clean design. You need a responsive interface which can adapt to the range of screen resolutions popular with the most common handheld devices.

Can You Maintain My App?

Without timely updates even a great app can become obsolete. Appdev360 can help you maintain the latest technological standards throughout the lifecycle of your app.

Can You Advise Me?

With the quickly changing dynamics of your business and apps you don’t just need good software, but Good Engineers who can advise you. Our engineers familiar with the latest trends are an added bonus; they can tell you how your app will be received in the market.

Our Strengths